Cleansed from Above

Glacier National Park’s waterfall scenery is simply spectacular. I particularly liked this one as the light from above seemed to fall from shelf to shelf along with the water. Personally, I prefer the milky look of a waterfall. It softens the scene and can be strikingly contrasted with the clarity of surrounding terrain. When I compose a waterfall, I want it to gently touch something deep within.




While the fog never fully cleared out this particular day on the Oregon coast, there were a few moments where the sun tried to peek through dappling the forest floor with light, providing the explorer a glimpse of what could be. The mist rolling in from the Pacific over the ridge above added just the right amount of atmosphere. A person could get lost in all the beauty. I did.


A Magical Place

Dwelling in the shadow of its larger and much more popular sibling (Multnomah Falls) Horsetail Falls possesses its own sense of beauty and perspective. Nestled just east of Multnomah Falls right off the Gorge’s scenic highway Horsetail Falls provides plenty of opportunity to work on composition without having to navigate and dodge crowds. With so many gorgeous waterfalls in Oregon it can be difficult to determine a plan of attack. In this particular case, traveling east was a good choice.


Dreams in the Forest

I found Oregon’s Multnomah Falls a few miles east of Portland to be a real challenge to shoot. On the human side there were scads of tourists to navigate around. On the technical side just the sheer height of the falls, 620 feet, made it a challenge to frame even with my ultra wide-angle lens. Still, I feel somewhat satisfied with what I was able to capture. In my processing I wanted to add a tad of a storybook illustration look and feel … like a fairy tale.

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An afternoon drive through the moss-laden fir and spruce forest toward Ecola State Park on the Oregon coast seemed to bid the traveler to ‘Come a little further’. The sun-kissed greenery peeking through the blanket of fog turned what might be another ordinary pretty drive into an enchanted journey full of drama and beauty.


Haystack Rock

Living on the Oregon coast (Cannon Beach) for some three years in my early 20’s, this was my view almost daily as I trekked back and forth down Highway 101. I recall telling myself that if I were ever to return to this area I would make a special effort to capture this particular spot with a camera. Returning nearly 40 years later, amazingly it has kept its basic composition. With high tide and foggy skies in play, this is the one sight I most often recall in my mind’s eye when I think of my time spent on the Oregon coast. Such a special time and place. Note you can click on the image to view more of my work.


Peyto Lake in Banff National Park

Toted my gear up, up, up to this overlook (Bow Summit) to experience in person what I’ve seen so many others post online. This is a four-stitch image of one of the most beautiful places in the Canadian Rockies. Located just off the Icefields Parkway (connects Jasper and Banff National Parks), this gem was a treat to behold. The detail of this piece from left to right provides so much to see (i.e. where the lake begins at the Peyto Glacier and where it flows northward and serves as the origin of the Mistaya River). I loved how the sunlight and clouds cast various shades of green over the lake.

WEB-Peyto-Lake copy

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