A Splash of Color

Hewitt Canyon Road in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona is a great place to catch a distant thunderstorm and its residual. After the monsoonal rains you have the wonderful smell of creosote, that to me, smells like brown sugar. Every living thing drinks deep. For a few brief moments the dry and dusty is forgotten. Everything is fresh and revitalized.




Did some ‘road work’ today … visited some of my photography inventory that I have not touched. I have a gallery on my website dedicated to Paths @ https://rickfurmanekphotography.pixels.com/collections/paths

Needless to say, I love a good road/path/trail.


A Sight for Sore Eyes

Imperial Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a great place to catch a sunrise.


Curtain Call

It is simply amazing the sheer number of people who venture out to witness a Grand Canyon sunset who promptly exit just as the sun begins to dip below the horizon. They miss out on the best part … the magic hour … the moment in time when colors seem to come alive. I remember the silent vastness piercing the atmosphere as my ears strained to listen for the notes of the Canyon’s eventide.

You may view more of Rick’s work @ http://rickfurmanekphotography.pixels.com


Canyon Palate

Fish Creek Canyon on the Apache Trial in Arizona is a fascinating place. Spring is a great time to explore with cacti draped in their green attire. When the light is right, the canyon can transform into a kaleidoscope of color and texture.



The Dallas Divide

This view of the San Juan range in southwestern Colorado provided a lot of eye candy … fall color, early snow and partly cloudy skies.



Sun Baked

One of my favorite places to shoot a layered sunset is atop Fish Creek Hill (AZ). This particular day was a scorcher. I took the opportunity to try to produce a visualization of what it is like to sit unprotected in the sun. My camera was even hot to the touch.



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