Good Evening Arizona

With a huge thunderstorm thrashing everything in its path creeping up behind us, our trek westward out of Globe (AZ), while hurried, permitted us to witness a gorgeous sunset complete with crepuscular rays. I couldn’t pass this one up. The vibrant pink, purple, rad and orange hues coated the desert landscape while the sky above produced a deep azure. The clouds were placed perfectly to produce a brief moment of utter beauty.



Angel Window

While the trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon takes a little more planning, it is well worth the effort. Further driving distance + less consumerism = smaller crowds. Sunrises and sunsets, while from a different perspective, are just as dramatic. Angel window can be seen en-route to Point Cape Royal and if you catch the lighting just right you’ll be rewarded with a magical memory. I am always amazed at the people I meet living in Arizona who have yet to visit this place. © Rick FurmanekWEB-2965

A Divine Touch

This particular rainbow stuck around for quite a while, which permitted me to experiment with the surrounding Sonoran landscape. I thought aligning this saguaro cactus presented a unique perspective, almost as if the giant cacti was being touched personally by the rainbow. The ominous sky above contrasted with the partly cloudy skies in the distance demonstrates how quickly things can change during the monsoon season here in Arizona.


A Splash of Color

Hewitt Canyon Road in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona is a great place to catch a distant thunderstorm and its residual. After the monsoonal rains you have the wonderful smell of creosote, that to me, smells like brown sugar. Every living thing drinks deep. For a few brief moments the dry and dusty is forgotten. Everything is fresh and revitalized.



Did some ‘road work’ today … visited some of my photography inventory that I have not touched. I have a gallery on my website dedicated to Paths @

Needless to say, I love a good road/path/trail.


A Sight for Sore Eyes

Imperial Point on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a great place to catch a sunrise.


Curtain Call

It is simply amazing the sheer number of people who venture out to witness a Grand Canyon sunset who promptly exit just as the sun begins to dip below the horizon. They miss out on the best part … the magic hour … the moment in time when colors seem to come alive. I remember the silent vastness piercing the atmosphere as my ears strained to listen for the notes of the Canyon’s eventide.

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